The Lake Cathie Little Learners Sustainability Commitment:

Solar Energy

Australia being the ‘Sunburnt Country’ makes it the perfect place for solar.   40% of all greenhouse gases are produced from powering homes and buildings.  Solar panels are an easy solution to this issue and is a path already taken by 1.6 million Australians.  The Lake Cathie Little Learners state of the art 20kw Solar system will help generate 90% of the energy needs to power the centre.  In line with the Lake Cathie Little Learners commitment to a sustainable future, we are trying to do our part to help create a cleaner environment for future generations.

Rain Water Collection

When it rains it pours!   As we know, Australia experiences periods of drought and flood regularly, however, when it does rain, you certainly don’t miss it. The Australian water cycle can make it difficult to have a steady supply of water for all those who need it.  To help preserve our precious water supply, Lake Cathie Little Learners has installed two 22,500L rain water tanks that will reduce the demand on local water reservoirs. These 22,500L tanks will be able to retain and store the rain water and we will be able to utilise this precious resource to water and maintain our gardens and grounds at Lake Cathie Little Learners.

Planting Trees

Trees, through the process of photosynthesis, take carbon dioxide from the air and converts the carbon dioxide (via the photosynthesis process) into oxygen for us to breath. Carbon dioxide is the most produced greenhouse gas, so trees are very helpful to the environment. That’s why as well as reducing our carbon footprint through creating less greenhouse gasses, Lake Cathie Little Learners through the process of planting 148 plants and trees is also taking greenhouse gasses out of the air, making a cleaner future for our children.

Worm Farm

Wriggly and slippery! Organic waste produces methane which is the most harmful of greenhouse gasses and typically takes 10 years to dissipate.  Lake Cathie Little Learners have our very own worm farm which will help to reduce this methane production to zero!   All food scraps will be placed into the worm farm reducing the production of methane gas and, greatly reducing the amount of space being taken up at landfills. In addition, the children will have the opportunity to view the worms and learn about how they contribute to a greener future.


Government agencies advise that every person in Australian generates approximately 2.7 tonnes of rubbish every year.  Unfortunately, this rubbish ends up in landfill, our water ways and in some cases, our oceans.   The source of all this waste is our “growing attitude” of using something once, then throwing it away. Through the process of recycling we can reduce this waste and use the materials we have generated repeatedly, stopping it from ending up in our natural environment.  All recyclable plastics and metal that comes through Lake Cathie Little Learners is sorted and put into the correct recycling bins to help build a rubbish free future!


Lake Cathie Little Learners’ doesn’t simply apply all these wonderful waste management practices in our day to day operation, we take the time to teach our children about the environment and how we need to protect it via initiatives such as recycling, water collection / retention and the importance of planting trees for our environment.   At Lake Cathie Little Learners, we don’t simply rely on teaching the children the benefit of looking after our planet, we demonstrate it in all we do.  Lake Cathie Little Learners employs a gardener / maintenance person on our staff who will maintain our gardens, worm farms, water recycling systems and will demonstrate / educate the children on the use and benefit of these initiatives.   Starting from a young age, children will have the tools and information they need to help contribute to a cleaner and greener future.