10 point plan for selecting an Early Learning Centre for your Child

If you are considering enrolling your child at an Early Learning centre, we at The Little Learners Group suggest you consider the following points/ratings to assist you in this important decision for your family.

Once you have completed the assessment, we invite you to compare the rating with your nearest “Little Learners Group” centre – we think you will see that we operate innovative, safe, happy centres, with staff dedicated to the education and care of your children.

Selection Criteria Excellent Good Average Poor
Are all the centre staff well presented, have formal Early Learning qualifications and committed to the education and care of your children.
Does the centre have a quality Early Learing Program.
What is the quality of the indoor and outdoor learning environment.
Does the centre have a school readiness program to prepare the children for the transition to “big school”.
Fee inclusions – Are all Nappies, Formula, Sunscreen, backpack, 5 meals per day, Extra Curricular Activities included in the fees.
Does the centre have adequate interior and exterior security e.g. CCTV
Are the Hours of operation of the centre suitable to your needs.
Is the centre clean and presentable. Does the centre have a detailed indoor and outdoor cleanliness and maintenance schedule.
Does the centre have a gross motor/sport/ activity program.
What is the level of safety and presentation of the centre.
Does the centre offer a dedicated bus for transportation of children when required.